(5 Hour CEU) Accessible Design: 2019 CBC 11B including Pools and Aquatic Facilities

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If you are a professional working on a project in California, a practical knowledge of the CBC will eliminate unnecessary head aches when trying to navigate (what we call) the accessibility abyss. In this course we will take an in-depth look at the technical requirements of Chapter 11 in the CBC & explain common faults in accessible design. This course is broken down into the most commonly misunderstood elements.

If you are looking to satisfy your required 5 hours of CEUs this is what you want. This course is self paced and no time limit to complete the course.


Play Areas and Structures (2019)

Length: 60 minutesAuthor: dizorComplexity: Standard

The objective of this training session will be to review the following access compliance code and regulation subjects and become familiar with each one.

Tactile Warning Devices – Where They Don’t Belong (2019)

Length: 60 minutesAuthor: dizorComplexity: Standard

Understanding how the visually impaired navigate the built environment has often been approached from the vague interpretations from the code. In this session, we dive into the life of Ethyl Miranda, a blind lady whose service dog was recently retired and is now having to learn new cane skills. In this session, we look at how the visually impaired ACTUALLY move, and the features they use to live their lives.

Interior Spaces and Toilet Rooms (2019)

Length: 60 minutesAuthor: dizorComplexity: Standard

This lesson will become familiar with interior accessibility elements including: Door requirements, toilet and shower rooms, and drinking fountains.

Parking and Exterior Paths of Travel (2019)

Length: 60 minutesAuthor: dizorComplexity: Standard

This lesson will cover the common exterior elements of accessibility, including Public Right of Way, Parking, Ramps and stairs, and detectible warning devices.