Our premium courses will give you practical information in access compliance, and will give you a unique perspective that will aid you in overcoming common obstacles relating to accessibility.

*Our courses are self paced and have no time limit to complete the course.

New Courses

ADA Continuing Education

(5 Hour CEU) Accessible Design: 2016 CBC 11B including Pools and Aquatic Facilities

5 Lessons $155.00

If you are a professional working on a project in California, a practical knowledge of the CBC will eliminate unnecessary head aches when trying to navigate (what we call) the accessibility abyss. In this course we will take an in-depth look at the technical requirements of Chapter 11 in the CBC & explain common faults in accessible design. This course is broken down into the most commonly misunderstood elements. If you are looking to satisfy your required 5 hours of CEUs this is what you want. This course is self paced and no time limit to complete the course.

1 Hour Introduction to Accessibility

1 Lessons $49.99

This course is a condensed version of our more comprehensive 5 hour program that addresses the most commonly misunderstood elements in accessibility. If you are looking to satisfy your required This course will give you 1 hour of CEU credit.